There ain't no chorus for a need for speed

ChorusCalls for speed from Chorus' shareholders on the Copper Final Pricing Principle process need to be ignored, as they are self-serving, says InternetNZ.

"The Commerce Commission has a big, important job to ensure that they balance the interests of Chorus, Internet Service Providers and consumers in getting the price of copper right",says InternetNZ Chief Executive, Jordan Carter.

"Rushing this work risks errors, and errors risk higher prices for Internet users in New Zealand, which is just gifting Chorus money. So of course they want haste".

InternetNZ continues to believe that the Commerce Commission needs to invest appropriate time to get this detail right. That there has been four resets of this process to date shows that the Commission is listening - and that is to be commended.

"If we act in haste then we're forced into trusting Chorus' data and only Chorus' data in making this decision. And that's like leaving a rabbit in charge of the carrot patch."