UFB2 a great leap forward for fibred up NZ

26 January 2017

InternetNZ is delighted to see the second phase of the Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative (UFB2) is extending fibre to over 450,000 more New Zealanders.

Today, the Government announced that fibre will be extended to more than 151 additional towns, providing up to 85% of New Zealanders with access to fibre by the end of 2024.

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter says fibre is the best option for Internet connectivity in most parts of New Zealand and this extension will provide more Kiwis with world-class Internet infrastructure.

"It's fantastic to see the Government exceeding expectations in the number of people that will have access to fibre through this second phase of the Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative. Instead of the original target of around 80%, the new 85% target is very impressive.

"Having a UFB connection - as opposed to a copper connection - means a faster and more modern service. In most cases, it's even cheaper for unlimited Internet than other copper plans.

"The more people who can access fibre, the more future proof New Zealand becomes.

"We congratulate the Government for making this new investment in rolling fibre out and hope to see this momentum and drive for better connectivity continue," says Carter.

InternetNZ will be keeping an eye on developments and will continue pushing for better and faster install processes. This will help to ensure that UFB2 is completed by the 2024 target.

The UFB build contracts have been awarded by Crown Fibre Holdings to four partner build companies - Northpower, Ultrafast Fibre, Chorus and Enable.

More information about the announcement can be found in the Government's press release here: Ultra-Fast Broadband extended to 151 towns