Getting copyright right in the information age

If you are reading this, you are affected by copyright

As the key law saying how New Zealanders can use, access, and share information, copyright has big effects on the ways we use and benefit from the Internet.

Over the past 20 years, Internet-enabled technologies have made it much easier for New Zealanders to access and share information globally. The music, movies, and books we buy used to arrive on container ships, but can now travel instantly and invisibly into our homes and pockets. For New Zealanders developing and applying creative skills, the modern world of quick and easy distribution creates new opportunities and challenges. It is much easier to reach a global audience, and to collaborate on projects going beyond New Zealand's shores. That's generally a good thing, but it may challenge some traditional ways of doing business.

Our position paper "Getting copyright right in the information age" explores some key issues for copyright and the Internet. It highlights key issues where our current law may not fully enable the benefits of the Internet: cloud computing, text-and-data-mining, and for online platforms where New Zealanders express themselves.

We think an up-to-date and innovation-friendly copyright law can strike a balance which benefits all New Zealanders. People making creative works, people innovating with technology, and all of us who benefit from their efforts.

Read our position paperGetting copyright right in the information age