Non Technical Session 3

Judge David Harvey

"Collisions in the Digital Paradigm: Rule Making in the Internet Age".

Tim Henwood

Office of the Privacy Commissioner

 “Making the Future” – Building the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s technology strategy

Twitter: @steeltoedsneakr

 In late 2014, OPC ran a series of focus groups and interviews to help us decide what role we should play in relation to emerging and existing technologies. We gathered together a wide range of stakeholders including data-users and sellers, influencers, developers, academics and security experts.

The sessions captured a range of views on the issues and opportunities that technology will create for collection and use of New Zealanders’ personal information both now and in the future. We are using those findings to decide which tech-related projects we will pursue over the next few years.

Charles Crothers

Professor of Sociology, School of Social Sciences & Public Policy, Auckland University of Technology

(1) The state of NZ Internet (social) Research: an overview

(2) NZ Attitudes to e-voting and involvement in e-elections

(1) A bibliographical review was carried out of NZ-based internet research over the last 5-6 years and details of relevant publications have been recorded. The paper will indicate some of the parameters of this literature and the types of study which have been deployed. Some observations about areas of important further research needs will be offered.

(2) Since its 1999 round the NZ Election Study has asked (an ever-increasing) number of questions on use of internet during campaigns and also attitudes to e-voting. Further related questions have been asked in Electoral Commission surveys and StatsNZ’s Household ICT survey. The paper will provide a literature review of related international studies and then both results and social correlates of the patterns. (Unfortunately the 2014 NZES data will not be available in time but the questions asked and which will be available for future analysis will be noted.) 


*Collaborative notes for this session is available here.