Non-technical session 4

Rohan MacMahon

Crown Fibre Holdings

Understanding business awareness of  broadband enabled opportunities

A look at a survey to be conducted in 2015 that seeks to understand business awareness of broadband-enabled opportunities, and identify barriers to realising them. This research involves Crown Fibre Holdings, TUANZ and business associations (with MBIE and others).

Professor Miriam Lips

Chair in e-Government, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington

'Kiwis Managing their Online Identity Information' - final research findings and recommendations


A presentation of the qualitative research findings and recommendations from the Second and Final Report of the study 'Kiwis Managing their Online Identity Information'. The objectives of this research are to get a deeper understanding of the online identity information behaviours of New Zealanders, i.e. what they do (or not do) and why, in their online commercial transactions, online government transactions, and on Social Networking Sites (SNSs), and including people’s actual experiences with forms of cybercrime or cyber-enabled crime and their response to these bad online experiences.

Eunice Price 

PhD student, University of Auckland

Research about social media without social media?

This session will be a conversation about my proposed doctoral research looking at the role of critical media literacy and social media's empowering, emancipatory potentials (or not) for highly academic girls who may experience forms of sociocultural marginalisation.  It will start with a brief explanation of the research study and will be followed by a conversation looking at how such a study could accomplish its aims using social media and other web tools.


*Collaborative notes for this seesion is available here.