Non-technical session 5

Hayden Glass

Sapere Research Group

The Value of Internet to New Zealand businesses

Twitter handle: @whereishayden

New Zealand businesses have enthusiastically adopted the Internet, but they have not used it to transform the way they operate. In research published last year, we looked at the difference in productivity between firms that were high users of the Internet and those that were not derived from data from the Business Operations Survey. We also got some insight into how the Internet is being used through interviews with businesess in four specific sectors (Tourism, Retail Trade, Dairy farming, and Professional Services), and from looking at the available evidence on how the Internet is being used in different industries. We draw some conclusions about how to encourage technology adoption that might have broader application than just to businesses.

The report is available here:

I will also talk about another project Sapere is doing with Covec for Google and others that will be published in early April. This is on the value of using data in making decisions, a local version of a question that has been explored in Japan, Australia and Singapore in recent times.

Laurence Zwimpfer

20/20 Communications Trust

Digital technologies in New Zealand Schools' research


*Collaborative notes for this session is available here.