.nz Framework Policy Review 2018

InternetNZ reviewed the .nz Framework Policy in 2018. The new policy took effect on 1 December 2018.

The .nz Framework Policy sets out the principles that underpin .nz, and the roles and responsibilities of InternetNZ group organisations in operating the domain. The policy needed to be updated to reflect the fact NZRS and InternetNZ have now merged. What were NZRS functions are now provided by InternetNZ.

The content below formed part of the review engagement. The rest of the page summarises what the policy is, why it is being reviewed, and contains links to the marked up policy documents showing the proposed changes. It also explains how feedback was offered, and links to submissions received.

What is the .nz Framework Policy?

The .nz Framework Policy is a governance policy that sets out the high level framework for the operation of the .nz ccTLD. It sets out:

  • the principles that underpin the operation of .nz
  • the roles and responsibilities of InternetNZ and Domain Name Commission Ltd in operating .nz.

Why is it being reviewed?

In April 2018, InternetNZ and NZRS merged. The .nz Framework Policy sets out specific roles and responsibilities for InternetNZ and NZRS. The policy needs to be changed to assign the responsibilities previously carried out by NZRS to InternetNZ.

This review is not looking at changes to the principles underpinning the operation of the domain. It is a technical review with the scope simply being to make sure that the new operating structure for .nz is accurately set out in the governance policy framework.

Where can I see the proposed changes?

The tracked changes version of the policy, showing the proposed additions and deletions in red-line mark up, is available as a PDF below.

Below is also a clean version of the policy showing how it would read if all the marked up changes were accepted (also PDF). Also linked is the existing policy.

New proposed .nz Framework Policy (with tracked-changes)

New proposed .nz Framework Policy (without tracked-changes)

Existing .nz Framework Policy

How can I offer my input?

We prefer to get your input by email - either in the body of a message, or as an attachment to an email.

Please send your feedback to consultation-input@internetNZ.net.nz.

Your input will be accepted until 5pm on Monday 12 November 2018.

If you would like to make a confidential submission, or to have parts of your submission withheld from publication, please let us know when you send us the input.

By default, we will publish the content of your input, and the name and affiliation of the submitter. We will redact any individual’s contact details, but publish organisational details where this does not obviously affect an individual’s privacy.

If your feedback canvasses aspects of this policy that are not in scope for this review, we will keep your input for a future review of the overall .nz policy system. It is likely such a review will commence during 2019.

Submissions received

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