Our mission and objects

Mission and objects

Our mission is to promote the Internet's benefits and uses and protect its potential. We do that with a cause in mind, that being the Open Internet. In doing this, we act as part of the New Zealand Internet community.

To advance our mission, the main work we do is:

  • We provide analysis and commentary on a wide range of Internet Issues, to foster public understanding and maximise the benefits the Internet can offer.
  • We provide a range of ways for community engagement to happen, including through the annual NetHui.
  • We manage a community funding programme which offers grants and funds Strategic Partners to help advance our Objects.
  • We provide Internet infrastructure such as the .nz country code top level domain and a range of associated services.

In all the work we do, we are guided by the Objects set out in our Constitution. These Objects and particularly the focus on protecting the open Internet are the foundation of all we do. The following extract from the Constitution sets out what the Objects are:

  • To promote the competitive provision of Internet access, services and facilities in an open and uncaptureable environment.
  • To develop, maintain, evolve, and disseminate standards for the Internet and its inter-networking technologies and applications.
  • To develop, maintain, evolve and disseminate effective administrative processes for the operation of the Internet in New Zealand.
  • To promote and conduct education and research related to the Internet and inter-networking.
  • To coordinate activities at a national level pertaining to good management of centralised systems and resources which facilitate the development of the Internet, including but not limited to the Domain Name System.
  • To collect and disseminate information related to the Internet and inter-networking, including histories and archives.
  • To develop and maintain formal and informal relationships with the international Internet community, including the Internet Society.
  • To represent the common interests of the wider New Zealand Internet community both nationally and internationally.
  • To promote widely and generally available access to the Internet.
  • To liaise with other organisations, New Zealand Government authorities, and the general public for coordination, collaboration, and education in effecting the above objects.