Intelligence and Security in a Free Society - An InternetNZ Briefing

IRIS briefing coverWe have published a briefing on the review released on New Zealand's intelligence agencies, "Intelligence and Security in a Free Society."

Our briefing is split into sections - outlining what we do and don't like about the report and its recommendations, and we have raised some pertinent questions about process, and what happens next.

We are very concerned about some of the recommendations in the report. While it does acknowledge human rights, the recommendations do not always reflect these rights and could result in more extensive surveillance of New Zealand Internet users.

The Internet is a powerful tool and helps to create a better world for us all. However this requires an open and uncapturable Internet. Giving the GCSB powers to spy on New Zealanders' use of the Internet goes against the very purpose they state in their report - the protection of New Zealand as a free, open and democratic society.

We would welcome your thoughts - do you share our analysis? Do you disagree with it? Do you think we have missed anything important in the report that should be shared? 

Join the conversation and tell us what you think. We'll be using the hashtag #EyesOnNZ on social media.