Registry Replacement project FAQ

Q - Will a response be ruled out if the location of hosting and data is located outside of New Zealand?

A - We will not rule out a response if hosting and data is located outside of New Zealand, however with reference to Sections 3.6 and 7.1.5 of the EOI, proposed solutions should provide detailed suggestions on how InternetNZ could maintain an appropriate degree of control over .nz registry data and systems.  

Q - What is the timeframe for implementing the new system? 

A - There is no set date that the new system is required to be operational by. We will not go live with a new system before September 2020. We anticipate the new system to be in place by the end of March 2021.

Q - How much financial information is required as part of the response? 

A - For the EOI we are looking for proposed indicative costs, not detailed financial breakdowns. The response should include any upfront costs and ongoing costs, and whether the proposed approach is for a fixed fee or a per-name fee.

Q - What sort of solution are we looking for?

A - With reference to the EOI and in particular Sections 2 and 4, InternetNZ is open and willing to consider a range of solutions. The supplier can propose multiple possible solutions/options that would best satisfy the criteria in the EOI. We will make a decision based on the information we obtain as part of the EOI process.

Q - What format and size should the response be?

A - Section 6 of the EOI details the information required for the response and section 8 details the criteria used to evaluate the response. Apart from this, there is no set format for the response document. The response size should be consistent with the spirit of the expression of interest, and our expectation is up to 20-30 pages.

Q - How should we respond if there is a potential conflict of interest?

A - Please detail the potential conflict and how you intend to deal with it, and propose a solution for InternetNZ to consider.

Q - What is the current billing model?  

A - Our current billing model is postpaid. Our current policy is very clear on a single pricing model with domain terms from 1 to 120 months. A future registry system should allow for flexibility in our billing model and the ability to add variances to the billing rules as required by our needs. 

Q - What other EPP extensions are we looking at?

A - No additional extensions are anticipated at this time. We are looking at the potential to add Registry/Registrar lock solutions for our current registry system.

Q - Are we considering solutions that include the DNS system as well as the registry system?

A - At this point, the EOI is intentionally broad and open both to solutions that provide DNS functionality and solutions that do not.

Please feel free to ask any additional questions regarding the EOI process via email: