Richard Hulse - election statement

profile photo for electionI have just completed one term on the Internet NZ Council, where I also served on the Audit and Risk Committee, the CEO review committee, and the Restructuring Sub-committee.

After the restructuring, INZ is now entering a new phase as a merged organisation, and I believe the council would benefit from my past experience during this transition and transformation phase. My role would be to support the management team in focusing on creating a new strategy, on incremental change and improvement, and ensuring stability of the services we provide.

I would focus on four governance areas, if re-elected.

  1. Ensuring the Registry is not compromised.
  2. Professional governance, representing the membership more effectively
  3. Partnering with Māori, moving forward together
  4. Business Development, a review

In detail:

1. Ensuring the Registry is not compromised.

As holder of the .nz delegation, INZ has a role in running and maintaining critical NZ technology infrastructure.

The running of the registry at arms-length (as NZRS) provided the opportunity to create a world-class service that was free from external tampering.

The council must ensure that the practices and values that gave us a stable, predictable service are well understood, and baked-in to the new whole organisation.

The Audit and Risk committee (which I would like to continue on) will ensure that INZ effectively integrates the NZRS risk management practices into the new organisation, and ensures that continue to be operationalised.

2. Moving to professional governance

In reducing the size of Council we signaled to members a shift in focus to governance, where directors are more concerned with choosing the right things to do strategy), rather than with operational detail.

This transition has already begun with changes to the format of council meetings and the information we receive.

The members have an important role to play, and I welcome the work that Andrew has started in this area, so we can find a more effective ways to hear our membership.

3. Partnering with Māori

I would like to see an inter-cultural space created where Māori and Pakeha can join and find creative solutions that meet the objects of The Society. Partnership is at the core of Te Tiriti o Waitangi(The Treaty of Waitangi), and a partnership approach ensures that we honour this document in a practical and substantive manner.

This will be a on-going journey for the organisation as kaitiaki (guardian) of the internet, but one it must take.

4. Business development

Revenue from .nz - which allows the society to carry out its objects - is in good shape. We are in a better position than many other ccTLDs, but data suggests that revenue will soften over time.

The new INZ needs to do some serious strategic thinking about business development (BD).

Should be doing any BD at all? Might we need to scale back public-facing work in future, instead? Can we partner with other organisations to do more, with less effort? Do we just stick to our knitting? As mentioned above, the registry itself must not be compromised by any work in this area. I look forward to your feedback and thoughts on this tough issue.

You can find out more about my background at linked in:

Or you can email me ( and I will send you my general CV.

- Richard Hulse (current INZ councilor)