RICHARD WOOD - Election Statement (Council)

Richard Wood - profileMy platform for this election revolves around access and security. Simply put, we need to boost our capability in these areas - all the way from how we build our membership through to where we apply our resources.

I believe fundamentally in equality of opportunity.

Every New Zealander should have the opportunity to use high-speed Internet, to learn on high-speed Internet, to create on high-speed Internet, to receive public and private services that everyone else gets through high speed Internet.

Bringing the Internet to impoverished communities is not rocket science. Access and accessibility blocks are well understood. With limited funding we have to be smart, and persuasive with business and government.

We need to build strongly on partnerships such as 2020 and work closely with disadvantaged and disabled groups. We could do with an influx of members from these organisations and communities to drive the discussion.

The Internet is being undermined.

The security and privacy situation seems to get worse by the day. It used to be a cliché to assume nothing on the Internet is private. You could add that nothing is secure.

We must fight to retain and build the utility of the Internet. For that we depend on access to the knowledge and understanding that security and networking experts have.

We can rave on about how privacy is important but we need to understand what is actually possible and what is required to get there. Politicians need educating. We all need educating.

We need a boost to technical networking and security numbers in our membership so we can continue building a large specialist technical base that is actively participating. Then we'll get more of that powerful crossover between the technical and the social policy in our discussions.

Who am I?

I've been on InternetNZ Council for the past three years and currently chair the grants committee. This activity exposes us to a lot of fantastic ideas around New Zealand to progress internet related research and community projects. With limited funds we make sure the process is solid and every applicant is treated fairly.

My background is solidly in the crossover between technical and communications. Starting in programming and technical support I then applied my knowledge as a technology journalist and editor of magazines such as Computerworld and Telecommunications Review. I won the Qantas media award for ICT reporting twice - during stints at the New Zealand Herald and the Dominion Post.

When I joined InternetNZ in 2006 for a comms and research role I was also made secretariat for the ISP association and then the IPv6 Task Force. I organised the first two NetHui multi-stakeholder conferences. During that time I completed a qualification in Internet Communications with Distinction from Curtin University. I then became the comms manager at Xero before leaping back into technical work through Dev Academy. I am now a software developer at TradeMe.

I seek your support for another three years at the InternetNZ Council table. I have a clear focus and will really appreciate your vote.

I live in Wellington with my partner Meg and we have three children. You can contact me through my council email or through LinkedIn\in\rwoodnz