Robyn Kamira - election statement

Robyn KamirTe Rarawa, Board member IITP (Institute of IT Professionals), BSocSci (Computer Science, Maori), PGDip (Information Systems), Principal Paua Interface Ltd, Medical Drones Aotearoa.

My contribution to a “better world through a better Internet” can be summed up as building bridges. Successful Internet projects can be measured by people knowing that they've achieved something worthwhile.

I've managed an IT consulting company ( for 27 years. While I've worked at the coalface, I've also served in governance roles including the National Health IT Board, National Maori Broadband Working Group, Digital Strategy Advisory Group and others. I’m currently supporting students at the Tech Futures Lab with The Mind Lab team. All of this has provided a strategic and technical insight that helps me to help others navigate through what many believe is a formidable sector.

I'm also in a rare position to volunteer IT skills and mentoring to groups that would otherwise not have access. Two recent projects are 'Mitimiti on the Grid' and the early startup Medical Drones Aotearoa (

Mitimiti on the Grid was driven by the belief that once a community is "fibred up", economic growth can be measured at the two-year point. This collaboration brought fast speed fibre Internet and mobile capability to a community six hours north of Auckland, that was destined to be a telecommunications 'blackspot'. We asked, “What would it take to curb decades of population decline and to achieve economic growth in Mitimiti - and who will help?”

Medical Drones Aotearoa is about breaking down barriers that prevent people getting their medicines in rural areas - where people get sicker or worse than their urban counterparts. We expect to be trialing the first drone deliveries in November 2017. We asked “How can we get medicines to people in isolated places fast and cheaply – and who will help?”

I do ask for help a lot where projects have no obvious source of skills or funds. I’ve found over the years, that there are some stunningly awesome people out there who step into these projects and help to make things happen. Those of us in the IT sector are in positions to influence substantial changes in people's lives.

I believe that the Board of InternetNZ requires us to contribute meaningfully to society and to do so with the utmost professionality, confidence and intent. I strive to exhibit a professional ethic that is informed not only by my work, but also by the communities being served. If InternetNZ's membership believes that diversity coupled with a professional IT background can bring a breadth of untapped experiences that will have an impact, then I can offer to help extend the Board's reach so that we can evolve and shape our collective futures.