Strategic and activity plans

This page contains a set of documents that are the main planning tools for InternetNZ. The Activity Plan (called the Business Plan before 2015/16) sets out the immediate priorities and projects for the year, along with how resources are allocated to these. The InternetNZ Strategic Plan is a three-year strategy for InternetNZ's operational arm. The Group Strategic Plan is a five-year strategy for the whole InternetNZ Group, and guides the subsidiaries as well.

Strategic plans

Activity plan and budget


Historic strategic plans

This Group Strategic Plan guides activity across the whole InternetNZ from 2015 to 2020.

This InternetNZ Strategic Plan applies to InternetNZ and its activities for the three years to March 2018.

The following document sets out the 2015-2020 strategy for .nz.

The following document is the Product and Services Development Strategy written in May 2016:

    Historic activity plans and budgets