Technical Session 1

Jamie Horrell


The NZRS data service is a collection of over 100 spatial and aspatial data sets related to broadband and Internet coverage in New Zealand.  The service brings together disparate data sets. The majority of data sets are geospatial and accessible via a number of web services.  This presentation will introduce the following:

  • Data sets available via the service
  • The data collection and collation process
  • Spatial analysis using the service
  • Presentation of the data and analysis online

The presentation will include an example of accessing the service, identifying residential broadband availability and presenting it online.

Note: This data service is the base of a project we've been working, the National Broadband Map

Aaron Craig


Jumping into a large pool of data

NZRS has access to over two years and half's worth of DNS data from the .nz namespace. There are many things lurking within and we've been interested in developing ways to detect malicious or weird behavior. This presentation will talk about our successes and failures in trying to summarise and classify behavior in this dataset, and the techniques we've been using.

The presentation will include discussion about:

  • Challenges in reading the (very messy) DNS data
  • The popularity of political party websites throughout election yearand how it changed with respect to real-life events
  • Heuristics for identifying botnet activity – especially algorithmically-generated domains – and the success and application of these techniques
  • Anomalies and candidate botnet behaviour that we've found lurking in .nz
  • Anything interesting or novel we've found!

Sebastian Castro


Mapping NZ Internet topology

 Although the topic of mapping Internet topology is not new, and several attempts have been done, in recent years the interest of mapping Internet at country level have appeared. Generally those attempts are driven by economic interest (understand the market inside a country). NZRS has put some effort on mapping the NZ Internet at the BGP and IP level, to understand their structure and shed some light into policy discussions in which InternetNZ is involved.

This presentation covers:

  • Methodology for mapping Internet at the BGP level: RouteViews, IX and AS relationships
  • A demonstration of the NZ BGP Internet map
  • Methodology for mapping Internet at the IP level.

NOTE: The IP Topology Map is work in progress


*Collaborative notes for this session is available here.