.nz wholesale domain fee change announced

28 February 2020

InternetNZ has announced that .nz wholesale domain fees will change from $1.25/month to $1.50/month.

The change will be applied to newly created and renewed domains beginning 1 June 2020.

Chief executive Jordan Carter says the change offers a modest but much needed update.

“Falling registrations are threatening our ability to offer the core security and co-ordination services which our market demands. In order to sustainably offer those vital services long term, we have to increase our prices.”

Carter also said that InternetNZ now knows the real size of the local market.

“Since we started it's been all about growth. We can now see how big our market really is and with this change, maintain our organisation at the right size to service that marketas well as delivering on our public good commitments.”

The price change was recommended in the 2019 pricing review and was approved at the most recent InternetNZ council meeting.


Update from 31 March 2020

Due to the unprecedented situation of COVID-19, InternetNZ has made the decision to push back the previously-announced price rise of .nz domain names.

We are deferring the price change by four months, from 1 June 2020 to 1 October 2020.