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With any new venture, the excitement to jump right in and get on with things is high—it’s something we all understand at InternetNZ | Ipurangi Aotearoa.

Sorting your online presence is no different, and it’s never been easier to do. But to make sure you get the most out of being online, there are some things to consider first. We’re going to talk you through some of the steps to getting online to make sure there are no obstacles in your way.

1. Before you're online

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While there are hundreds of top-level domains, some general and some location-specific, choosing .nz is a great way to show the world your Kiwi pride. It also helps New Zealanders looking for local brands know that you’re what they’re looking for. There’s nothing to stop you using it for an oversea audience, either. There are plenty of benefits to choosing .nz as a top-level domain, whether or not that includes a second-level domain, too.

Ready to get your .nz domain?

2. Once you're online

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3. Growing your business

You’ve done it! You’re online, you have a website and can start working towards achieving the goals you wrote down before starting this venture⁠—and it wasn’t as hard as you might have thought, right?

The Get Yourself Online Infographic

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