This page is a hub for information regarding our governance, including information about our AGM, council elections, the Council, and all governing documents.

Organisational review

The InternetNZ Council is currently undertaking an organisational review of the InternetNZ group. All the details including the proposals and submissions can be found here

Strategy and policy consultations

Information about current and previous consultations on InternetNZ strategies or policies is available here


InternetNZ's Council is its governing body, consisting of twelve members elected by and from the membership. It meets every two months. Here are some relevant links:

Council elections

  • For general information regarding the election process, see 
  • All information about the 2017 Council elections - including nominations and voting results - is available at Council elections 2017.
  • All the information regarding the 2016 elections for the InternetNZ Council is available at Council elections 2016.

Annual general meetings

Information that was presented to AGMs back to 2003 is available here

Governance documents

Our mandate

You can read our mandate here.