InternetNZ is governed by a council of nine who are elected by members. Councillors are required to register any interests, commercial, political or organisational, which they believe may be relevant to the perception of their conduct. You can read this in the register of interests.

Current council members

Elected for a Three Year Term - AGM 2018 (Term Ends AGM 2021)

Image of JamiePresident: Jamie Baddeley


Jamie is an information technology, telecommunications and Internet professional. He has been on council since 2006, having served as Vice President between 2009 and 2014. 

He is a former President of the Internet Service Providers Association of New Zealand, and is a current trustee of the New Zealand Network Operators Group. He's been a member of the IPv6 Taskforce and spent almost a decade building a national fibre optic network. He can remember what a dialup modem sounds like and doesn't have particularly fond memories of it.

Joy Liddicoat

Vice President: Joy Liddicoat


Joy has participated in and supported the country code Name Supporting Organisation along with InternetNZ's two subsidiary Chief Executives and InternetNZ staff.

In October 2007 Joy joined the .nz Oversight Committee and, with Frank March and Richard Currey supported the committee’s transition to the Domain Name Commission Limited (DNCL) and from 2012-2013 served as its chair.

Elected for a Three Year Term - AGM 2019 (Term Ends AGM 2022)

Image of Amber CraigAmber Craig


Amber has a history in many parts of NZ’s technology business. She spent six years at a large telco, designing and delivering mobile applications and services for New Zealand. She is currently working on web and mobile technology within the financial services industry.

Image of aimeeaimee whitcroft


aimee's background and interests are varied, and always widening. She works in and advocates for #openX - open data, open government, civic technology, open source, open access, etc - as well as service design, placemaking, tech (for good), social good and sustainability, strategy, entrepreneurship, foresight / futurecasting and innovation. aimee has worked for a number of NZ’s most respected scientific, government and non-profit organisations, and is founder of web agency Syntropics and co-founder of design consultancy GovWorks NZ. She's also worked on, founded or led a number of community events, from NetHui to GovHack NZ to NerdNite Wellington and Startup Weekend. She is a board member for the international Open Data Charter.


Elected for a Three Year Term - AGM 2018 (Term Ends AGM 2021)


Richard HulseHamish MacEwan


Richard strongly believes in an internet that does not discriminate, and in the internet as an enabler of social change and societal improvement.

Elected for a Three Year Term - AGM 2017 (Terms Ends AGM 2020)

Image of KateKate Pearce


 Kate Pearce is the Head of Security for Trademe and has worked with clients across the globe on cyber security, helping them building secure systems on scales from small companies to multinational corporations. She has undertaken research into the security of network protocols, and novel offense and defense techniques. Kate is an organizer of BSides Wellington (, an inclusive event for cyber security education. She has become involved with promoting diversity, particularly the involvement of women and LBGTQIA+ people, in internet and computer security spaces.


Image of DaveDave Moskovitz


Dave Moskovitz is a Chartered Director and Startup Investor.  He serves on a number of boards of startups and large organisations, but there's a common theme - the Internet is central to them all.  Dave was member Number 2 of the Internet Society of New Zealand (as it was called then), and has been developing software and building businesses around the Internet since the early 1990s.  You can see why Dave cares so much about an open, direct, accessible and free Internet by watching his TEDx talk.


Image of SarahSarah Lee


Sarah has spent the past three years working as a consultant for InternetNZ Strategic Partner: 2020 Communications Trust. She has coordinated the Computers in Homes and Stepping UP programmes in the Manawatu Horowhenua region.

Image of DonDon Stokes


I am a founding InternetNZ member, InternetNZ Fellow, former Councillor and member of the "Hine Commission" that defined how InternetNZ operates the NZ domain. Outside of InternetNZ, I have founded two Internet service providers (one of the first in NZ), built a significant domain hosting services platform and  provided technical leadership in DNS operations, industry competition and open access fibre/layer 2 distribution network architecture and specification, including UFB development.