DNS flag day - what it means for NZ

On 1 February 2019, there is going to be a change to Domain Name System (DNS) software - this has been named DNS flag day. It's important, because as a result, there will be a number of domain names that are going to break across the world.

The changes are being made because non-compliant DNS implementations in the wider Internet are preventing the deployment of new features.  

We have done a lot of research to gauge how many .nz domain names will be broken as a result of these changes. It is roughly 0.5% of all .nz domain names - which amounts to about 8000 broken domains.

InternetNZ regularly conducts zone scans and web scans. We do this to provide useful information for our customers, including registrars and DNS providers and to ensure that .nz runs smoothly for all domain holders. 

Important information if you own a .nz domain name 

Do you want to see if your domain name is affected? You can check here: 

Check if your domain is affected

You should contact your registrar, or your DNS provider, as soon as possible to see if they can fix the problem. Who to contact depends if your registrar provides you with the DNS service, if you use a third party provider or if you manage the DNS yourself.

Important information for .nz authorised registrars 

We are able to see all the domain names that will break. And it is now our mission to ask all registrars to make the necessary changes so these particular domains are not broken come 1 February. We have made information available on the registrar portal for all authorised .nz registrars. These registrars are able to see which domains are going to be affected and give some guidance on how to fix the problem. 

If you are a registrar and you want to talk about DNS flag day and solutions to fix any broken domains, please contact Tracy Johnson at tracy@internetnz.net.nz