The Internet is a global network of networks, allowing people and computers all around the world to communicate. This needs some degree of coordination, and since the Internet was invented institutions have been developed to allow that to happen.

InternetNZ does international work to help shape the Internet - to help keep it open and free as a way for New Zealanders to interact and work with others all around the world. We share a Kiwi perspective in our work globally, and we draw on the lessons of other places and share them with the Internet community at home.

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ICANN and the Domain Name System

InternetNZ takes part in work and events run by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This is a global organisation brings together people and organisations to make global policies that have an impact on Top Level Domains (think names ending in .com or .red). These policies might have a future impact on how we operate .nz for New Zealand.

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Internet governance

We also keep an eye on a variety of other international spaces such as the Internet Governance Forum and the International Telecommunications Union.