Our work

Access to the Internet

To be able to benefit from the Internet, people need to be able to get online. The Internet has become an important part of participating in society, which means the “digital divide” between those that have Internet access and those that don’t is widening. We are committed to understanding digital divides and improving internet infrastructure to make sure that everyone can benefit from the Internet.

Security and privacy in the Internet age

Security and privacy on the Internet is one of the biggest challenges of our time. There are ways to use technology to support our ability to be safe, private and in control online, and we have a dedicated focus area to respond to these challenges. We focus on controlling and securing your data online.

Use of the Internet for everyone's benefit

We want to make sure all of New Zealand is able to benefit from the Internet’s ability to foster communication, collaboration and creativity. We'll do this by protecting the Internet’s creative and economic potential, and demonstrating and exploring the changes in society due to the Internet. 

policy work

Other policy work

Sometimes we come across issues that are important to our mission and mandate, that aren’t part of our key work areas. In this section we cover off everything that doesn’t quite fit, but is still just as important as the rest of our work.

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Here you'll find submissions and position papers on things Internet-related. As part of our mission to create a better Internet for everyone, we upload all of our most important work so that everyone can find it.

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We create resources to help people understand, stay safe, and get the most out of the Internet. Here you'll find things like transparency reporting templates, one pagers about online safety and a website reviewing ISPs in New Zealand.