Our work


The policy team works hard to explore and address some of the big opportunities and challenges for the Internet in New Zealand. We participate in the wide range of legislation and policy developments across the Internet both domestically and internationally. Most of our work across policy fits in to thre focus areas – access, trust and creative potential.

.nz Registry

We are the registry for .nz domain names and the operator of the .nz domain name space. You will find information on our site for registrars, DNS operators, other registries, researchers and anyone interested in our operations.

technical research

Technical research

The Technical Research team is responsible for collecting, understanding and providing insights about the Internet in general, specifics about New Zealand's Internet, the DNS and the .nz namespace. It contributes to our goal to be the authority on Internet issues and New Zealand's Internet data.



The commercial team is responsible for leading the commercial development of InternetNZ’s products and services. We have a mix of current services - like the National Broadband Map - and services under development.

annual research

Annual Internet research

Each year we commission research about Kiwis' attitudes to the Internet. We undertake a survey and ask New Zealanders about their hopes and fears regarding the Internet. We will continue to fund this research each year to build a useful resource and determine trends over time that input into our work planning.

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Here you'll find submissions and position papers on things Internet-related. As part of our mission to create a better Internet for everyone, we upload all of our most important work so that everyone can find it.

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We create resources to help people understand, stay safe, and get the most out of the Internet. Here you'll find things like transparency reporting templates, one pagers about online safety and a website reviewing ISPs in New Zealand.