A traversal view of the .nz space: security

Sebastian Castro •

actively looking into the DNS Twitter Post

At InternetNZ, we are passionate about the .nz domains, and we are always looking for new things to learn about it. In this series of blog posts, we’d like to show the difference between namespaces under .nz.

graph shows .nz domains distribution over 2019-2021

CAPTION Figure 1

Graph that shows a distribution of .nz domains with MX and SPF records

CAPTION Figure 2

Graph that shows distribution of .nz domains with DKIM and DMARC records

CAPTION Figure 3

Graph that shows percentage of .nz domains with CAA record per group

CAPTION Figure 4

Graph that shows DNSSEC support within .govt.nz

CAPTION Figure 5

Graph that shows DNSSEC support outside .govt.nz

CAPTION Figure 6

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