Have your say: digital identity for Aotearoa

Reconsider the purely voluntary nature of the trust framework

The Bill proposes a voluntary, opt-in accreditation framework for digital identity. We think that some general rules should apply to all digital identity systems, to ensure systems outside the framework are also safe and do not undermine trust, similar to the rules for giving financial advice in New Zealand.

Ensure the design of digital identity systems considers people’s diverse needs

Over time, we expect digital identity systems will be part of how people access banking, retail, and other services vital to full participation in the community. It is vital that these digital identity systems include everyone. We think the Bill should require a design process to ensure these systems meet diverse people’s needs.

Make community consultation and accountability a foundation of the system

To ensure the systems consider people's diverse needs, community engagement is necessary. We will recommend that private and public organisations involved in digital identity start incorporating this practice and sharing their learnings with their peers. InternetNZ may be in a position to share some research on this by March 2022. 

Digital identity - have your say now

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