2017 Internet research

Each year we commission research about Kiwis' attitudes to the Internet. We commissioned market research company UMR to undertake a survey and ask New Zealanders about their hopes and fears regarding the Internet. We will continue to fund this research each year to build a useful resource and determine trends over time that input into our work planning.

This year’s research shows a few interesting findings:

  • 64% of New Zealanders are concerned about the amount of misleading or wrong information available online.
  • 74% of New Zealanders are concerned about cyber-bullying.
  • 94% of New Zealanders check the Internet at least once a day.
  • 88% of New Zealanders the positives of using the Internet outweigh the negatives.
  • 73% of New Zealanders said that access to information is the main benefits of the Internet.
  • Compared to 2016, concern levels fell by 5% for the speed of New Zealand Internet (35%), the cost of Internet access (37%) and threats to your privacy (62%).

Below are links to a summary of the 2017 research as well as our media release and infographics showcasing some of the highlights.

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What is your main concern about the Internet?
Threats to your privacy
Misleading or wrong information
Viruses, spam and hackers
The risk of identity theft
Security of personal data
Online crime
Being prosecuted for downloading copyrighted material
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What do you think is the main benefit of the Internet?
Connects people and communities
Access to information
Easy way to communicate
Makes life easier
Saves time
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