Our strategy


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We put people and communities, not technologies, at the centre of our work. The goals under each of our rei kura are directed at what will benefit people. We also care about, develop, challenge and empower the people who work for our organisation.

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We believe in partnering to achieve our goals and in enabling others — individuals and organisations — to deliver to our purpose in mutually beneficial ways. We believe we will be stronger and have greater impact by working together.

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Membership of our incorporated society is fundamental to who we are and how we were established. They help hold us to account, and select our governors. We honour our members by extending the opportunity to meaningfully intersect with our purpose, work and foundations.

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Our role as manager of the .nz domain name space is foundational to our organisation: it links us to a broad community around the world and demands of us proper connection to communities around Aotearoa. It is also how we earn our income in the world.

Our goals

2023-24 budget

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