We believe in an open Internet for all of New Zealand. To achieve this, we have created policy principles that underpin our work and help stakeholders understand what we do.

These principles are:

  1. The Internet should be open and uncapturable.

  2. Internet markets should be competitive.

  3. Internet governance should be determined by open, multi-stakeholder processes.

  4. Laws and policies should work with the architecture of the Internet, not against it.

  5. Human rights should apply online.

  6. The Internet should be accessible by and inclusive of everyone.

  7. Technology changes quickly, so laws and policies should focus on activity.

  8. The Internet is nationally important infrastructure, so it should be protected.

Our principles reflect international policy conversations, and New Zealand’s unique environment. They were developed after significant consultation with our members.

We have also developed Top Level Domain principles, since we are responsible for the .nz domain name.

These principles are:

  1. Domain name markets should be competitive.

  2. Choice for registrants should be maintained and expanded.

  3. Domain registrations should be first come, first served.

  4. Parties to domain registrations should be on a level playing field.

  5. Registrant data should be public.

  6. Registry / registrar operations within a TLD should be split.

  7. Top Level Domain policy should be determined by open multi-stakeholder processes.