Changing Internet provider? The Broadband Map NZ can be handy!

A blog by Cam Findlay, Product Manager, InternetNZ
6 March 2020

The updated Broadband Map NZ website is live, and we are delighted to invite you to check it out.

You’ll find that the new map has:

  • a new design and user experience

  • improved usability for mobile

  • improved embeddable widget tool if you want to use the map on your own website

  • multiple Internet technology layers visible on the map at once for comparison

  • more information about data providers

  • a faster and more robust commercial application programming interface (API)

  • ambitions for ongoing feature development based on input from our users.

Whether you are moving house or office, renting, buying or building a property, or shopping around for a better Internet plan, Broadband Map NZ is a great tool for finding out about broadband access and speeds available across the country. More than half a million people have used it to learn about availability and get connected to the Internet. 

However, the map website was more than four years old and due for a revamp. We are working hard on making it better, faster and more user-friendly. We spent time beta testing with users and showcased the map at a number of public events for feedback to get it into good shape.

We’ve also improved a lot of the behind the scenes work on wrangling the data into shape to give you a great experience to answer a simple question, “What broadband options are available at your place?” We’ll tell you more about the data work we’ve been doing in a few weeks.

Our aim now is to keep listening and evolving this product to ensure it continues to provide a valuable service for another four years and beyond!

If you are interested in learning more about using our availability API please contact us.