Defenz DNS Firewall by InternetNZ

Malware protection for New Zealand

Defenz DNS Firewall is our new product that provides protection against malware and phishing attacks by blocking access to malicious websites. With NZ based DNS infrastructure and leveraging an international threat feed service, this is a key tool in helping New Zealanders harness the power of the Internet with confidence.

As part of a layered approach to security, Defenz DNS Firewall helps stop sensitive and important data from being compromised and helps to prevent reputational damage from lapsed or weak security.

Strengthen your defence-in-depth strategy

Cybersecurity is a game of layers. No one cybersecurity solution is 100% effective. Whether you have traditional endpoint or firewall protection, a defence-in-depth strategy that includes a DNS firewall is essential.

Defenz DNS Firewall adds a cost-effective, low-maintenance layer to your cybersecurity footprint. By monitoring and analyzing your DNS traffic, Defenz DNS Firewall can prevent users from accessing malicious websites, prevent phishing attacks, and even stop malware already on your network from accessing the Internet. 

Available as business to business service via either Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or Managed IT Service Providers, Defenz DNS firewall is a fantastic addition to customer offerings. You choose how to package the service for your customers:

  • as a value add service in addition to those already offered
  • promoted as a service to acquire new customers
  • or as a retention offer, bundled into current packages.

Get in touch now to learn more about the features of the service and how you can help your customers strengthen their security and trust in the Internet.

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