The Digital Divide map has been archived

April 23 2020

InternetNZ has hosted the Digital Divide map at since 2017. 

The map showed the correlation between social well-being and digital inclusion in New Zealand. It gave a high level view of inequality and opportunities to help shape digital investment and the allocation of resources to improve connectivity.

This map has been used by the Internet community to understand how digital inclusion differs across regions and across socio-economic areas. 

We have been successful in getting the New Zealand Government to prioritise digital inclusion, as projects like the digital inclusion blueprint show. 

The data we used to develop the map is from the 2013 census. No better data set has come out during this time that we could use to update the map and make it more accurate, up to date, and useful.

We have decided to take the map offline, as it has achieved our goal of putting digital inclusion ‘on the map’. 

If you are a data nerd who loves the map and the data it holds, we have put all of the data on the Internet Data Portal so you can continue to use it. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Policy team at