Contact tracing and the Internet

Contact tracing is an important part of New Zealand's response to COVID-19. We have seen a developing public conversation on how Internet technologies could help with contact tracing, but also about potential concerns this would raise for privacy and security of sensitive location and health information.

To contribute to this conversation, the Policy team at InternetNZ has developed the documents below:

  • Let's talk contact tracing (pdfis our offer of an online conversation to help ensure that any technology approach has the social licence it will need to be effective 
  • Contact tracing and your location data (pdfis our explainer on how location data is reported by smartphones and other devices, and how this can fit into contact tracing of COVID-19 cases.
  • Contact tracing Zoom notes (pdf) is a brief summary of key points from the conversation we hosted in April, which brought together people to share and hear key perspectives on the issues and options.