.nz 2018/19 research

Each year we commission research about .nz and the domain name space to understand the domain name lifecycle and specific market variables influencing .nz growth for both businesses and consumers. 

Here's a teaser of some of this year's interesting findings:

  • 12% of businesses without a domain name are likely to buy one in the next 12 months (slide 9).
  • 86% would purchase a .nz over any others (slide 9).
  • .nz is perceived as the most trustworthy and secure web address (slide 27).
  • Reasons a business would buy a domain name (slide 11)
    • 30% for a website address
    • 28% for the email address
    • 21% to preserve the name
    • 13% for a marketing campaign.
  • One of the top reasons New Zealand businesses register a .nz domain name is to reflect they are a NZ business, they are proud of it and they want to show the world (slide 22). 
  • One in five businesses think .nz is what customers look for and trust (slide 22).
  • Of New Zealand businesses without a domain name who are extremely, very or quite likely to buy a domain in the next 12 months 18% are in the retail trade and 12% manufacturing (slide 9).
  • Business name email addresses are perceived as more professional and credible than generic email addresses (slide 32).

Read the full research pack here.