.nz policy review - Issues Report

Independent advisory panel shares its thoughts on the issues facing .nz

February 2020

The policies for .nz, New Zealand’s domain name and place on the Internet, are being reviewed. InternetNZ, the home and guardian of the .nz domain space, asked an independent advisory panel to see if those policies still fit the bill or if there were issues that needed attention.

The Panel’s first report outlines the issues it thinks need attention. These came about following engagement with New Zealanders through a variety of channels. You can check out the full set of issues in the report, but here is a taster: 

  • The overarching principles that frame the .nz policies and processes - updating the principles to make them more relevant to today’s world and for the future. This means better addressing  issues such as security, privacy, human rights, the Treaty of Waitangi and Māori interests. 
  • Who can register a .nz domain - should the policy of not requiring a New Zealand presence, and the current age requirement, be reconsidered?
  • Security and trust - there are a lot of issues around domain name registration abuse, domain tasting, misleading and deceptive domain names, domain and website content abuse and registrar security.
  • Privacy - the level of registrant data collected and stored, and the extent to which registrant data is made public by default.
  • Human rights - do the policies adequately reflect a commitment to human rights?
  • Treaty of Waitangi and Māori interests - whether there is adequate protection of Māori rights and interests in the management of the .nz domain space. For example, the protection of te reo Māori when it is used inappropriately in a domain name.
  • Awareness of .nz - the Panel found that many New Zealanders have little or no awareness of .nz, and lack the skills or knowledge to engage with and make the most of .nz domains.
  • Enhancing the .nz market place - is there scope for greater creativity or innovation in .nz to help New Zealand businesses grow, and to better manage the relationship between the participants in the market?

The Panel will be seeking feedback on the issues and ideas for addressing them in a public consultation round in April, which will inform its final report and recommendations to InternetNZ at the end of June. The Report is being released now to provide interested folks a chance to think about the issues ahead of time.

If you would like to hear more about the review or get involved send your details to policy@internetnz.net.nz.