A review of .nz policy

We are undertaking a review of the policies related to the .nz domain name space. The domain name space is a vital component of the Internet — making it easy for people to connect.

The review panel

We have appointed an Advisory Panel to help us review the policies related to the .nz domain. The Panel - made up of 10 people - will explore a range of important issues and ways we might solve them together.

Issues could include things like:

  • How do we best minimise phishing, trolling and abuse on .nz websites? 
  • How should we manage incidents of hate speech and violence in the .nz domain name space? 
  • What do we want .nz to say about us as a nation? 
  • How do we ensure tikanga values of openness, compassion, respect, and integrity are incorporated into .nz?

    Panel members

    • Sue Chetwin (Chair) 
    • Nita Wirepa
    • Alma Hong
    • Mark Boddington
    • Matt Brown
    • Mark Thomas
    • Tim Johnson
    • Ty Kahu
    • Charlie Gavey
    • Robert Rolls


      The review is estimated to run between July 2019 and July 2020.

      Public consultations 

      The panel will be doing public consultations in order to get feedback from the tech sector and wider public. Keep an eye out for your chance to have your say over the coming months. 

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