The Christchurch Call: helping important voices be heard

The Christchurch Call is a meeting co-hosted by New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern and French President, Emmanuel Macron, to be held in Paris on 15 May 2019. It’s a global call which aims to “bring together countries and tech companies in an attempt to bring to an end the ability to use social media to organise and promote terrorism and violent extremism.

You can read InternetNZ's thoughts on the Christchurch Call in our media release: 
Christchurch Call outcome is a vital first step in addressing terrorism and violent extremism online

InternetNZ is committed to openness, including the importance of open governance of the Internet. Besides governments and social media tech companies, the broader technology community and civil society perspectives should be taken into account. The long history of Internet policy-making shows that the best outcomes are when all the relevant voices are being heard.

Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has invited Jordan Carter, InternetNZ’s CEO, to chair the Voices for Action meeting on Tuesday 14 May in Paris ahead of the Christchurch Call summit the following day.

Voices for Action will see human rights advocates and supporters, technical experts, academics and think tanks, gather to offer perspectives to countering violent extremism online. The meeting provides an opportunity for civil society to generate ideas for supporting the implementation of the Call and to identify ways to overcome any barriers that may hinder its ongoing success.

You can read more on Jordan’s initial thoughts about the Christchurch Call in his blog on 24 April.

How to stop the ‘Christchurch Call’ on social media and terrorism falling flat

Jordan Carter with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Jordan Carter with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Call for collaboration

We are now calling for those interested from civil society and the technical community, with expertise and relevant experience on these important issues of violent extremism and terrorism online, to engage in this process.

We have set up an online collaboration and discussion space to support these discussions. We are using 'Discourse' which is an open source Internet forum and mailing list management software application. This forum is open to all interested civil society and technical community members in New Zealand, and globally, for discussion and coordination. You can find the forum at

InternetNZ will be working to support online spaces that can help enable broader engagement of expertise and views to inform the process, and to bring together those involved in the official meetings and those that are not.

Events on 15 March

More information about the tragic events that happened in Christchurch on 15 March, including information about the footage marked as objectionable material can be found here: 

Kia kaha Christchurch