An Internet that benefits

Our Aotearoa context is unique

The Internet is here to stay

The Internet is changing us

The Internet can be dangerous

A better Internet is a more accessible Internet

A better Internet is a more diverse Internet

A better Internet needs better education

Concluding thoughts

Concluding thoughts photo
We are all learning how to live well with the Internet. For better or for worse, it affects and influences all our lives — and is likely to do so far into the future.

Our conversations with New Zealanders across the motu show a high level of engagement with the opportunities, tensions and challenges that the Internet offers. The pace of change is rapid and the future unknown, but we are a resilient, adaptable, creative people — aware of our past, and mindful of our future. 

A better Internet will be equally accessible for everyone in Aotearoa. It will be shaped by a greater diversity of voices — and better digital literacy education for all must be a priority. Above all, ‘an Internet that benefits’ means one that leads to better lives for all. In an Aotearoa context that means an Internet that upholds Te Tiriti and supports Māori aspiration. 

This journey of learning and adapting will continue.
We must travel forwards, together.

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