Annual Internet research

Each year we commission research about Kiwis’ attitudes to the Internet. This commitment to research came about when we signed an agreement with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment in May 2016 about our role as the designated manager for .nz.

We have commissioned market research company Colmar Brunton to undertake surveys and ask New Zealanders about their hopes and fears regarding the Internet.

We commit to this research for several reasons:

  • It creates additional evidence about how people use the Internet and how they feel about it (building on other research like the World Internet Project New Zealand).
  • It allows us, as a country, to have a better understanding of what we think about Internet issues.
  • For InternetNZ, it inputs into our work planning and is an important filter in deciding what to do and where to focus our efforts.
  • It helps keep us accountable - people can compare the work we do with what the public sees as the most important.

We will continue to fund this research each year to build a useful resource and determine trends over time that input into our work planning.

Below are the links to our previous research and findings.