Re-imagining the future of .nz

Kate TownsendA blog post by Kate Townsend, Principal Advisor
2 November 2019

InternetNZ is undertaking a comprehensive review of its .nz policies. The last comprehensive review took place way back in 2004.

The review will help ensure .nz is modern and fit-for-purpose and we can maximise the contribution that .nz and the Internet make to New Zealand.

As part of the .nz policy review, we have appointed a Policy Advisory Panel for 12 months to bring fresh, diverse perspectives - with strong technical and policy skills and experience. 

The Panel kick-started their review in July and will provide two reports on issues and recommendations by July 2020 to help inform our review. 

To spark dialogue amongst the Panel for their Issues Report, the Secretariat provided an initial briefing on the .nz domain name system and preliminary issues. 
We want to share these briefings with you so you can follow along the journey with us and have the opportunity to identify other issues we could add to the mix or any other general feedback. 

The Secretariat has complemented these briefings with presentations to the Panel on key areas of the domain name system and the registry as well as our commercial function, compliance area and work in security, openness and access.

We have also helped facilitate engagement inputs for the Panel’s Issues Report, including a general public survey on .nz, a Nethui session and targeted research with “hard to reach” groups and insight into work in other jurisdictions.

We will keep engaging on the issues and options in the first half of next year so please keep in contact with us.

More information about the review can be found here: A review of .nz policy

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