Community grants

We’re in the process of making changes to our grant funding to better support our 2019/20 organisational strategy and goals.

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Our current funding round categories are:

Conference attendance

This round is designed to assist the Internet community in attending conferences that are relevant to maintaining, improving and promoting access to the Internet.

Our previous funding round categories were:

Community projects

The focus of this round was to fund community-based projects which support more widely available access to the Internet, or which deliver greater or better use of the Internet.

Internet research

This was to fund individuals or organisations who were conducting research projects focused on the Internet. The research can be on (but not limited to) Internet access, policy technologies, Internet use performance and impacts.

Special funding

This could be a one-off funding round to fund activities or projects for a special cause. One example of a special funding round was the Canterbury Funding that was launched in 2011 as part of InternetNZ’s contribution to help rebuild the earthquake-ravaged Canterbury region. The funding was for Internet/ICT-related projects that contributed to the rebuild. There is no current timetable for special funding.

On-demand grants

If the timing of these rounds is an issue, we did accept other Community Grant applications for up to $5,000 for Community Projects, Internet Research or Conference Attendance. Please contact us on 04 555 0123 to discuss this

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