Our Community Programme works to further our mission of promoting the Internet's benefits and uses and protecting its potential. We do this by providing funding and community engagement opportunities.

We support New Zealanders who can shape the Internet's growth, development and use - including people from business, government, academia, technical and community-based organisations and the general public.

Our Community Programme includes funding of $500,000 per year which is given to community organisations and individuals through grants and strategic partnership funding. The programme also includes a range of community engagement work including events like NetHui, speaker series and the NZ Internet Research Forum. We also sponsor events and awards and provide other in-kind support to community organisations.

Our plan is to help New Zealanders be well developed, connected, collaborating and contributing as much as they can to the development of the Internet for our country. 

Community grants

InternetNZ provides funding for New Zealanders who can help to shape the Internet’s growth and development. We provide funding for Internet related projects, research and conference attendance.

  • Community projects
  • Internet research
  • Conference attendance
  • Special funding
  • On demand grants
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To further our goal of protecting and promoting the Internet for New Zealanders, we have a range of partnerships and relationships with other organisations that are aligned with our purpose and vision. This includes collaborative work, in-kind support and community funding from InternetNZ.

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InternetNZ has a set budget available for sponsorship purposes. Sponsorship is available for events in New Zealand that are aligned to our mission.