Consultation: Appointed Council Members draft policy

March 2018

InternetNZ was seeking inputs on a draft Governance Policy, on how Appointed Council Members would be appointed if proposed constitutional amendments go ahead. This policy largely copies the existing policy to appoint subsidiary board directors. The key differences are:

  • Elected Council members and Officers would have two of the five positions on the Appointment Panel
  • Two of the five positions would be elected by and from the Fellows of InternetNZ
  • The Panel would do its appointment work after looking at the skills and diversity gap audit. This would be done post AGM to identify gaps in the members-elected Council members and be the basis on which Appointed Council members were recommended.

We welcomed feedback until midday on Monday 26 March 2018. 

Council will assess the feedback at a future council meeting if the decision of members in the forthcoming EGM is to allow the creation of Appointed Council Members.

Policy: Appointed Council Member


Feedback received

A couple of points come to mind:

  1. Should an appointed member stand for and be elected what is the effect of this on their ability to serve 2 consecutive terms. e.g. would they be able to serve the 4 2-year appointments followed by 2 3-year elected appointments? 
  2. Should they be barred from standing for election for an elected term after resignation in that case?
  3.  Could the rationale for the longer (8 years) maximum term be elaborated upon?

- Kevin