Digital Divides in New Zealand

The Internet has the potential to transform people's lives, and we need to harness this potential for the benefit of everybody.

InternetNZ believes that the Internet's power to connect people to each other, deliver goods and services, provide access to information, and enable people to be creators is transformative, and can be scaled up to uplift New Zealanders. All New Zealanders should be able and empowered to participate fully online.

Now is the time to take ambitious, effective action to close digital divides, by collaborating as New Zealanders to find and intervene in digital divides across New Zealand. 

We're trying to help by creating resources to help us understand and tackle this digital divide challenge. 

Image of title page of Solving Dgitial Divides Together A screenshot from InternetNZ's digital divide map

Position paper

Read InternetNZ's position paper, 'Solving Digital Divides Together' here.

For more on our work on digital divides in New Zealand, see Ellen's blog here

Digital Divide Map

We built an interactive map of New Zealand that shows the divides across the country for Internet access, use, skill and social deprivation.

Check it out at



On Thursday 24 May we hosted an event 'Deconstructing the Digital Divide' in conjunction with AUT's Work Research Institute. The event explored the latest data from the World Internet Project and was the launch of our paper 'Solving Digital Divides Together.' Below is the recording of the event live-stream.