The policy team works hard to explore and address some of the big opportunities and challenges for the Internet in New Zealand. We participate in the wide range of legislation and policy developments across the Internet both domestically and internationally. 

Most of our work across policy fits in to thre focus areas – access, trust and creative potential. 

Click on each focus area below to read more about our work under each one. 

Access to the Internet

  • Telecommunications access review
  • Network neutrality
  • Digital divides
  • Internet blocking and filtering 

Trust on the Internet

  • Platforms and misinformation 
  • Keeping your messages private
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Transparency reporting 
  • Towards a world without mass surveillance
  • Encryption 
  • Online voting

Creative use of the Internet

  • The Internet of Things 
  • Standards for online content
  • Creative copyright
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Other policy work

  • Big themes from the Internet - year by year
  • Things we've signed

.nz policy 

InternetNZ is responsible for developing .nz policies, and DNCL is responsible for their regulation. Click on the above heading for the current .nz policies and a link to the .nz Policy Committee.