Activity report Q4 2022-23

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Kia ora,

The purpose of this report is to summarise our delivery to our strategies and plans, and highlight the key metrics that matter to the
ongoing health of our organisation. Further reporting of our year will be documented in our Annual Report as well as this year in our Services Performance reporting, both will be available in June/July

Our objectives for Q4 of 2022/23 were:

  • Identifying with Te Komiti Whakauru Māori the approach to constitutional change through codesign processes with Māori. We have made clear progress with this work, identifying and developing Mana Whakahaere and focussing on a first Hui Kokiri in Rotorua on the 2nd June.
  • Completing the Role Sizing project so InternetNZ Group can use strong data points in setting salary range for each role.
  • Te Kahui Tumu hosted the first Wānanga Kokiri, bringing all staff to Horouta Marae and spending time on strategic goals, our Mana Mahi Tahi goal in particular -shifting to Agile, Te Tiriti centred, Self Managing work processes.
  • Reopening the Auckland Office
  • Turning our attention to international context and re-engaging in international fora
  • Developing the 2023/24 Tumu Whakarae KPI’s
  • Removing our Servers from Avalon and setting them up in a new site without loss of data or time.
  • To run the recruitment for the Domain Name Commissioner for DNCL
  • To agree with Council the approach to strategic goals for the 2023/24 year
  • To agree with Council the approach to the NZ Internet Community

We have made substantial progress across all of the significant commitments of our 2022/23 Annual Plan. Q4 represents a particularly significant moment in the change and evolution of InternetNZ, as we shift our focus from strong internal priorities to more international. Regional and external national priorities.

Vivien Maidaborn, Tumu Whakarae | Chief Executive

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InternetNZ in the media


We appeared in 53 different articles/bulletins for the quarter. This number includes the syndications (e.g. when something is published in Stuff and also syndicated into the Waikato Times print edition). The articles were made up of 39 stories. Most of these stories (27 of 39) were surrounding the release of our internet insights research. Radio New Zealand and the New Zealand Herald were the most common outlets followed by Today FM (which has now shut down).

Q4 total domains graph. Full description is below the image.
Q4 domain names creates graph. Full description is below.
Q4 domains renews and cancels. Full description is below.
Our Wellington office
FTE permanent employees

At the end of Q4, we had 34.5 FTE permanent employees. This number is up 0.8 from the prior quarter. 

Arrivals and departures

We welcomed two members to our whanau: Kaiwhakahaere ā Hapori | Community Engagement Manager and Kaitohutohu ā Hapori | Community Advisor. We farewelled our Security Engineer.

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Health, safety and wellbeing

The focus for the HSW committee has been on physical safety — setting up the Auckland office, physical safety in the
Wellington office.

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