Human Rights on the Internet

We will understand which Human Rights are being recognised and respected in the online environment through current legislation, and which are not, and then fostering discussion on which legislation need be updated, left alone, or created in order to bring the current regulatory regime up to date.

Internet Rights has appeared on the New Zealand legislative agenda through the Election 2014 campaign. This project has two distinct focuses:

  1. To respond to any legislative moves that may occur as a result of Election 2014; particularly on the Internet Bill of Rights legislation developed by the Green Party.
  2. To otherwise develop an approach to championing Human Rights on the Internet, that will see these respected and enhanced in New Zealand Legislation.

Note – in doing so, InternetNZ will adhere to its policy principles; in particular, that since technology changes quickly, that the law and policy should focus upon activities. What this means in practice is that InternetNZ does not believe in a separate articulation of “Internet Only” rights, held in isolation from inviolate human rights. These things should be one in the same, yet expressed in the different mediums that we as people exist in, both on and offline.