Internet Surveillance

We will articulate, develop and deliver a programme of work that preserves New Zealanders' right to privacy over the internet.

Ever since the events of September 11th 2001 and the subsequent passing of the PATRIOT Act in the United States, society has increasingly been asked, or forced, to allow a number of limitations to civil rights in the name of security. Recent revelations by the likes of Edward Snowden suggest that in the online world, privacy is at risk of being illusory at best. Governments are using our data more widely than many thought. The knowledge of this widespread observation of life online has sparked an ongoing debate – including in New Zealand.

The Internet was not designed to enable a global surveillance state. Such uses of the Internet risk a chilling effect in stifling use and innovation on the Internet. And as such, InternetNZ is passionately motivated to protect the interests of the Internet and its users against such surveillance.

The purpose of this project is to outline exactly what InternetNZ will DO in this matter. It will be an inherently member-focussed process in understanding what is realistically achievable, and how best to affect that change.

Update: 31st March 2015

We've done a lot of work, thinking and consulting on this issue this year. It's clear to us that this is not an issue that is solved readily, but is one that is fundamental to our vision and mission as an organisation.

We've therefore decided that Internet Security matters will be an ongoing feature of our Internet Issues Programme, and that starting in the 2015/16 year we will have a new portfolio of work that delivers multiple projects in this area.

You can see our Activity Plan for this year here:

In it, we talk about how we will be working towards forming a Computer Security Incident Response Team to help improve Internet security in New Zealand. We also intend to review the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Plan to End Global Surveillance, and see whether and how we can dove tail into that work.

We will therefore be keeping you all up to date about where this new Portfolio goes.