NetHUi logoWhat is NetHui?

NetHui brings everybody and anybody that wants to talk about the Internet together. It's not a conference or a barcamp and speakers don't talk at you all day. NetHui is made for the community, by the community.

The programme isn't decided by InternetNZ – it's designed by the people who want to go. You help us create the programme by telling us what it is that matters to you and what you want to talk about - we just help to pull it all together.  

Is NetHui for me?

Of course! NetHui is for everybody that wants to talk about the Internet. NetHui participants might be a business owner, a student, a teacher or even a candlestick maker.

Put simply, if you're looking for a safe, open, inclusive space to engage with your community about the Internet and all that goes with it, then NetHui will be your kind of place. 

Previous NetHuis

Here are the links to the conference websites since 2011: Previous NetHuis.

In the 2017 NetHui website you will find video recordings of all the sessions under the location tabs.