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NetHui is back!

After a three-year hiatus, the much-loved Internet event — NetHui — will return on 3-4 October, 2024. It'll be held in Te Whanganui-a-Tara | Wellington at Tākina Events Centre.

NetHui is a community-led event for everybody who is interested in the future of Internet.

It's not a conference, and speakers don't talk at you all day. We provide a safe space for everybody to come together to discuss and explore possibilities, ideas and challenges — together. 

For 2024, we will bring new and improved elements to the event.

This year's theme:

Te Anamata, Te Ipurangi.  Our Future, Our Internet.

NetHui is a space for the many voices of Aotearoa to discuss and explore future possibilities, ideas, and challenges. Weaving the fibres of whanaungatanga and interconnectedness into the future of the Internet.

Together we build on our past, to create a better future for ourselves, our whānau, and generations to come.

Ko tā NetHui he whakatōpū i ngā reo maha o Aotearoa ki te wānanga i te ipurangi, hei whakaweawe i ōnā kaupapa maha. He raranga i te here whanaungatanga hei painga mo te anamata o te ipurangi.

Whakakotahi i a tātau, ki te titiro whakamuri e anga whakamua hei oranga mo ngā whānau me ngā whakatipuranga.


Kua rāranga tahi tātou he whāriki ipurangi mō āpōpō

Together we weave the mat, in terms of the Internet, for future generations.


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