Benefits of the Internet

There has been a general small downward trend of the perceived social benefits with the exception of an upward trend in people seeing the Internet as a way to connect communities.

Perceived value of Internet benefits

Perhaps most surprisingly this year is the drop in the perceived social benefit of being able to work from home. Use less paper, cloud services and meet new people online were the other benefits with the largest decrease.

Benefits value rating by year

Positives vs negatives

Even with the downward trend of perceived benefits; 86% of New Zealanders say that the positives of the Internet outweigh the negatives.

Benefit perception demographics

Younger New Zealanders are less likely to perceive the key benefits of the Internet - this may be because they've never known life without it. Females are also more likely to see benefits than males.

Easy to communicate with friends and family

Access to information

Online shopping

Accessing information

Access to news and current events continues to be the most important type of information the Internet offers.

Information importance percentage


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