There seems to have been a mindset shift, from employers, enabling staff to work from home where appropriate.

Mindset shift

This mindset shift is shown in the numbers of people who responded to the question "Which of the below are barriers for you working from home more often?"

22% Decrease of 11% "I have too many face to face meetings, I need to be at work"
19% "My employer doesn't encourage or frowns upon people working from home”
18% Decrease of 7% "My employer doesn't offer flexible working options"

Working from home

The above is possibly also shown by the increase in the frequency people work from home (amongst those who can work from home).

In total

60% of participants said their work could be done from home if needed.
51% of those participants would like to be able to work from home more frequently in the future.

Frequency of working from home over time


Enabling relocation

Having the ability to work from home could enable people to relocate within New Zealand. 45% of those who do the type of work which allows them to work from home would consider moving somewhere else in New Zealand if they could relocate their current job.

Reasons for relocating elsewhere in Aotearoa

Technology and physical restrictions

Although there seems to be a desire to work from home more frequently and relocate because of this, there has been an increase in perceived technological and physical based reasons that are getting in the way.

Roadblocks to flexible working

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