How do New Zealanders use the Internet?

There has been a slight drop in internet usage across the board. However, 93% of New Zealand Internet users still use the Internet at least once a day at home, and two thirds use it as often at work.

Average weekly usage down

In total

At home

At work

Using public wifi

Social media and messaging channels

Facebook and other Meta owned platforms continue to dominate social media usage with 67% of participants saying they use Facebook and 79% use at least one of the four Meta platforms at least once a day.

Social media use

The Meta Platforms are present in four of the top five social media and messages services (with SMS being the only other) creating a huge monopoly for Meta here in New Zealand.

Please note: zero values represent years where data was not collected for this particular category. View data in table format for more details.

Home Internet connections

The upward trend in having a fibre connection at home continues this year (to the detriment of the other types of Internet connections).

Internet connection types over time


Demographics of those who have a fibre connection

What do New Zealanders do online?

The activities people are doing online are fairly consistent over the past three years.

Which of the following have New Zealanders done online?

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